Getting the best possible price for goods and services seems to be universally sought after. We all want to get a good deal, save money where we can and feel confident that we are not getting ripped off. For some getting a good deal is a sport, played best by talking the seller down to the bear minimum any way they can. The desire for a discount doesn’t stop at companion services, as I am often asked if “that is the best I can do?” and what my current “specials” are. Because discounts are occasionally offered, in celebration of holidays, seasons, and special occasions or just for fun, it is a good idea to ask.

However, this does not mean I am open to negotiating. Please do not attempt to “talk me down” or “low ball” donation amounts. Those techniques are embarrassing for everyone involved. 

Currently, discounts are only extended on multi-hour appointments, including over nights and multiple day experiences. These are discounts are detailed on my donations page.



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