About Donations:

  • There is no charge for Erotic Entertainment and Companionship. However, a Donation is requested and expected, to cover my time. Donations offset costs that otherwise could only be covered by a full time job. Donations allow me to make myself available to spend time with interested persons; time I would not have if I were employed by someone else. All donations are used to maintain my lifestyle and appearance.
  • The Donation is collected at the beginning of the session before anything beyond the greeting occurs. The donation should be inside of a plain white envelope placed in a visible location. If I come to you, I would prefer that you place the envelope on the bathroom counter. If you come to me you may place the envelope on my dresser or desk.
  • There will be no discussion of Donation amounts while we are together. I find that such conversations take away from the overall experience, decreasing client enjoyment by making the experience seem tacky and tawdry. Because the discussion of donations during your session is prohibited I will have to terminate any session during which I am unable to easily locate the Donation envelope.
  • I never “up-sell” or require tipping. However, a well-deserved tip, if offered, is graciously accepted.
  • The donation amount we agree to prior to meeting will not be changed by me. If the client alters the prearranged terms of the session or extends the session beyond what was originally scheduled, then the donation is subject to increase.
  • No refunds issued under any circumstances, even if a session ends early! Please do not ask!
  • Donation amounts are predetermined and non-negotiable. Please do not attempt to “talk me down” or “low ball” the donation. To do so is embarrassing for us both, as I will feel devalued and you will appear dreadfully cheap. If I am willing to accept a lower rate, I will offer.
  • Please note that I do NOT extend a “Regulars” discount to New Clients so please refrain from letting me know that you intend to become a regular or that you have a regular girl who charges less because I could care less. If you plan to become a regular please schedule a 2nd session after  your first.

“Don’t ask me to lower my donations and

I won’t ask you to lower your standards”


Additional Information:

  • To accommodate the busy professionals’ schedule, sessions lasting for 15 minutes or a half hour (30 minutes) are available Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, ONLY!
  • Sessions lasting 15 minutes are available at my In-Call Location ONLY! Out-Calls are scheduled for a minimum of one half hour (30 minutes).
  • Sessions lasting 15 minutes to a half hour (30 minutes) are for Body Rubs ONLY! All other types of sessions are scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Half Hour Sessions (30 minutes) are NOT offered for Out-Calls that require a one way drive time greater than 15 minutes away from my home or in-call locations.
  • In-Call Sessions can last a maximum of 6 Hours. Sessions lasting longer than 6 Hours must take place at an Out-Call Location (your Private Residence or a NICE Hotel/Resort room that you rent)
  • The minimum donation accepted for a Private Session is 100, which covers a 15 minute Body Rub.
  • Out-Call and Overnight Donation Amounts (below) are higher than the In-Call Donation Amounts because they include Travel Time and Expenses.
  • Donations for Out-Call and Overnight Sessions that require Travel Time greater than 1 hour one-way from my starting point (typically my In-Call Location or my home) may be subject to an increase, as I see fit.

Donation Methods

I currently accept Cash and Bitcoin Donations, with cash being the the preferred method. I will occasionally accept trades for gift cards, services or valuable items. I do not trade for anything illegal, including substances. More details are found below, in the “Barter and Trade” section.



If you are familiar with Bitcoins you may simply scan the QR Code that follows to deposit Bitcoins into my Bitcoin Wallet.

For those that are not familiar with or only know a little about Bitcoin, I recommend that you review the following:

You can also create your Bitcoin Wallet on Blockchain’s website, a must if you wish to send and/or receive bitcoins.

However, you do not have to use Blockchain to create your Bitcoin Wallet, there are many sites on which you can do this. I personally have found Blockchain’s site to be the easiest to comprehend and navigate and they have a very fast sign up process (less than one minute). Please see my post “Bitcoins” for additional details.

Donation Amounts

My Friends:

I have Female and Male Friends available to join us, if you so desire. To ensure that one of My Friends can join us I recommend scheduling at least 48 hours in advance.

For a Female Friend just double my rates and for a Male Friend add an additional 200 for the first hour, 150 for the 2nd hour and 100 for the 3rd and subsequent hours. 

Donations and Rates for Other Services:

  • For Webcam Donation Amounts please visit the Webcam page.
  • For Rates pertaining to the purchase of my Worn Apparel (Panties) or Used Personal Items please see the Panties page.

Barter and Trade

Because some clients wallets are subject to the scrutiny of another, I will occasionally and always with prior consideration, accept donations made with gift cards, services and/or valuable items instead of cash as long as the items and gift cards are not stolen and the services are of interest to me.


Before contacting me about a trade please make sure that what you are offering falls within these guidelines:

  1. The item or gift card is yours to give; I will not accept stolen items.
  2. If the item is password protected you must be able to supply the passcode and demonstrate that it works.
  3. All items need to be in new or close to new condition.
  4. Original packaging is not required but if the item came with a certificate of authenticity you will need to supply it.
  5. If the item could potentially be a fake you must be prepared to wait for the item to be appraised by the qualified individual of my choice.
  6. Gift Cards must be for a place or service that I personally want. I won’t accept cards that are going to be of no use to me.

More on Trades:

  • There are many other things that I have not listed that I would be interested in trading for.
  • It is possible to make a donation that is part trade and part cash.
  • It is imperative that trades be discussed prior to meeting so that I am afforded the opportunity to decide if what you are proposing is an acceptable substitution for the standard cash donation.
  • If you do not ask first and arrive with something other than cash be prepared to be sent away without having spent time with me.




  1. Gift Cards
    1. Prepaid Gift Cards bearing the V*s* and M*st*rc*ard Logo, the kind that can be used anywhere.
    2. Retailer Specific Gift Cards:
      1. Fascinations
      2.  Guess
      3. Kohl’s
      4. Nordstrom
      5. Target
      6. Victoria’s Secret
      7. Amazon
      8. Uber
      9. United Beauty
      10. Wal-Mart
      11. Home Depot
      12. TJ Maxx
  2.  Valuable Items
    1. Latest Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book with 1.7 Processor
    2. Recent edition iPad
    3. Real jewelry
    4. Airline Tickets
    5. High End Laptops
    6. Real Designer Purses
    7. High End Cameras and Go Pros
    8. Home Security Systems
    9. Plasma Smart TV’s
    10. Lifetime Fitness Membership

    Acceptable Services


    1. Dental
    2. Laser
    3. Esthetician
    4. Personal Training
    5. Manicurist



  1. Gift Cards
    1. Sporting Goods
    2. Ace Hardware Store.
    3. Restaurant Gift Cards
  2. Valuable Items
    1. Car Parts
    2. Stolen Items
    3. Older Laptops and Tablets
    4. Older I Phones and I Pads
    5. Stereo Equipment
    6. Hand Tools
    7. Sports Equipment
    8. Live Animals
  3. Unacceptable Services
    1. Massage Therapy
    2. Photography
    3. Friends with Benefits
    4. Website Design & Development
    5. Driving
    6. Security
    7. House Cleaning