Escort References

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Escort References

If you have met with Erotic Entertainers/Dominatrixes in the past you will need to provide at least one of them as an ESCORT REFERENCE. Because Entertainers/Escorts are known to leave the business without notice, it is best to provide at least two Escort References.

Your Escort References can be from anywhere in the United States, as long as I am able to easily locate them online (on Escort Advertising Websites, such as Eros, or Escort Review Websites, such as The Erotic Review).

Escort References given for the purpose of Screening Potential Clients is an extremely common practice, one that any established, professional escort will be aware of and willing to cooperate with. Escort Reference Verification is the best way for Adult/Erotic Entertainers to keep themselves and each other safe!

You need not worry that giving out your escorts information will offend her or cause her to be upset with you. All established, professional escorts are aware that their clients, even their regular clients, could and often do, seek out the services of other escorts. Variety is the Spice of Life!      

Information needed to provide Escort References:

  • The Escorts STAGE NAME (the name she goes by in her ads and reviews).
  • The Escorts CONTACT INFORMATION (her Phone # and/or her e-mail address; whenever possible please provide both).
  • The link to her PERSONAL WEBSITE, where she promotes her escort services.
  • The link to one of her ONLINE ADVERTISEMENTS. Whenever possible this link should not be to an ad on
  • The link to her REVIEWS on  or other Escort Review site.
  • YOUR NAME: The name you used when contacting her.
  • YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION: The phone number and/or e-mail address you used when contacting her.
  • The CITY/STATE you met your Escort Reference in.
  • The APPROXIMATE DATE you met with her.
  • WHERE you met with her (at your place or hers/private residence or hotel).
  • Any ADDITIONAL DETAILS you believe will assist your Escort Reference with recalling you.

Please Note: I will not accept references from Escorts that are only listed on and have no reviews on any Escort Review website.

Before an escort can be contacted to act as a reference, I must first be verify that she is ESTABLISHED AND ACTIVE. To be ESTABLISHED an escort must be easily located on the Internet through her advertisements, reviews and/or her personal website. To be an ACTIVE ESCORT means that she is currently and actively advertising her services and has not left the Adult Industry.

Once it is determined that your Escort Reference is Established and Active, she will be contacted and asked three simple questions.

  1. Has she met you?
  2. Would she be willing to meet with you again?
  3. Are you, in her opinion, safe for me to see? 

If the escort answers are “YES” to all three questions then she has given you a POSITIVE REFERENCE and you will be able to schedule a session with me.

If the escort answers “NO” to any of the three questions then she has given you a NEGATIVE REFERENCE and you will not be able to schedule a session with me.


The more information you provide

the more likely you are to be approved for a session.