Bridgette’s Banner Exchange Program

This Banner Exchange program is open to anyone with an adult themed website! 

How it Works:

  1. Grab one or more of the Banners, found below, by right clicking on the banner if your choice and saving it to a place where  you can easily locate it on your computer, such as your Desktop.
  2. Place my banner(s) on the ‘Home’, ‘Links’ or ‘Contact’ page(s) of your website.You can optionally place my Banner(s) on as many of your websites pages as you like, as long as one of the pages is the ‘Home’, ‘Links’ or ‘Contact’ page.
  3. Link my Banner(s) to my Website(s):
    1. If you select a Banner please link it to: http:///
    2. If you select a GetBridgettesPanties Banner please link it to
  4. Complete the Banner Exchange Form below and upload your banner.
  5. Allow 4 Business Days for Your Banner to Appear on and/or on both my Home Page in the Ad Partners Section and on my Links Page under the appropriate Section for your type of website.

. . .and that’s it: 

Banners are exchanged!