Now Hiring!

I am currently Hiring for two positions, On-Call Entertainments Assistants and Webcam Performers/Photoshoot Models.

To qualify for the On-Call Entertainment Assistant Position you must be a gay or bi-sexual male between the ages of 21 and 60.

To qualify for the Webcam Performer/Photoshoot Model Position you must be a gay or bi-sexual male between the ages of 21 and 60 OR a bi-sexual femle between the ages of 28 and 45 who is actively employed as an Escort or Dominatrix. 

Use the following links to access additional information on the position you are interested in and to apply. 

  1. On Call Entertainment Assistants
  2. Webcam Performers and Photoshoot Models 

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POSITION:                  On-Call Entertainment Assistant

HIRING:                       As Many People as Possible!


OPEN MINDED, EASY GOING & SAFE BI-SEXUAL and GAY MEN, ages 21 through 60 to fill the position of On-Call Entertainment Assistant, which is an on-going, on-call, as needed, Entertainment job working for and with a local female Escort/Dominatrix. This is NOT, nor will it ever be, a full time position; This is a side job or “gig”.

On-Call Entertainment Assistants are needed SPORADICALLY, which could mean every day for a week and then not again for 6 months or it could be on a weekly or monthly basis. I do not know when I will need someone but do know that, at some point, I will.

When called upon to work, the On-Call Entertainment Assistant, is typically asked to report to work within one hour and must provide their own transportation to the job site, located somewhere in the Greater Phoenix Valley or surrounding areas (the job sites’ location changes daily).

Work typically takes place in the evenings or at night and can be on any day of the week for as little as 15 min. to several hours or longer.

The On-Call Entertainment Assistant will be compensated from $50 to several hundred or more, depending on the length of the job and the activities engaged in while on the job. Pay is given at the end of the job, in cash.

The Ideal On-Call Entertainment Assistant Candidate Will Possess the Following Qualities and Situational Circumstances:

  • Will be a Bisexual or Gay MAN.
  • Is between the Age of 21 and 60 years old (If you look very young, you will be required to provide proof of your age, in the form of government issued ID).
  • Has his own Transportation (Uber and Lyft are fine!)
  • Is Sexually Active and Experienced (no Virgins or Bi-Curious).
  • Does NOT Suffer from Impotence.
  • Is VERY Open Minded and Non-Judgemental.
  • Is reasonably Attractive or Good Looking; You don’t have to be a Model but I won’t hire someone who is “Gross”.
  • Has Excellent Hygiene and has a Clean, Neat Appearance and Clothing.
  • Is NOT Morbidly Obese (it’s ok if you are a little heavy; You do NOT have to have 6 pack abs for this job, but if you do have a 6 pack that’s fine too!)
  • Is NOT in a Relationship or if they are, they have a very Relaxed Arrangement or maybe even an Open Relationship (basically no one with a jealous spouse or lover need apply; I am trying to keep things drama free!)
  • Is NOT Shy and is Comfortable in the Company of Strangers and Comfortable their Body.
  • Has an ACTIVE Facebook or LinkedIn Account or both OR has a Personal Website.
  • Values Discretion and is respectful of others Right to Privacy.
  • Is available in the Evenings and at Night, at least some of the time (the jobs you will be needed for typically take place in the evening or at night).
  • Will sign a Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete Contract.

In addition to the On-Call Entertainment Assistant Positions, I am always looking for persons to participate in Webcam Sessions, Act in Custom Content Adult Videos and Model for Custom Content Photo Shoots. Anyone applying to be an On-Call Entertainment Assistant may also request consideration for Video and Webcam Work and Photoshoot Modeling (see the On-Call Entertainment Assistant Application, below).

The following qualities and situational circumstances are not required for any of the aforementioned positions. However, anyone with these qualities and situational circumstances is all but guaranteed work as an On-Call Entertainment Assistant AND Video, Webcam and Photoshoot Model Work.


More Desirable Qualities and Situational Circumstances:

  • Is a Transsexual with Male Genitalia Intact (NO Post-Ops!) AND Breasts.
  • Is willing to participate in partial and/or fully Nude Photographs and/or Videos with Adult and X-Rated Themes.
  • Is willing to appear on Webcam with a female and/or a male and/or both, for Live Webcam Sessions.
  • Is a Submissive, happy to take orders from a Dominatrix,in the presence of another person and/or on camera.

*LIVE Entertainment Session work, which is performed by On-Call Entertainment Assistants, is paid at the end of each shift ( a shift may last less than one hour and could even be as brief as 15 min.!). Video or Webcam Work and Photoshoot Models are paid when payment is received; Basically when I get paid, you get paid.

ALL Candidates for ANY position Must Possess:

  • An EXCELLENT Sense of Humor.
  • Flexibility: I am referring to a Flexible Attitude but Physical Flexibility doesn’t hurt either!
  • A Positive OutLook on Life!
  • The ability to Listen and Follow Simple Instructions.
  • An Understanding of Time: You MUST be able to Arrive at the Agreed Upon Time!

Please note that this IS A FUN JOB and for the Right Person will be one of the EASIEST JOBS you will ever have! Plus you will have the COOLEST BOSS, EVER!

If you believe you are a good fit for the position of On-Call Entertainment Assistant please complete the On-Call Entertainment Assistant Application, below. To be considered for Video or Webcam Work and/or Photoshoot Modeling, you will need to indicate your interest by answering the application questions.

Only submissions that are accompanied by a Headshot ( a photograph of your face) and a Full Body Shot (a photograph of you standing with your entire body visible) will be considered. DO NOT submit photos from more than 2 years ago; I should be able to recognize you in person from the photos you submit. Please DO NOT send in photos of yourself naked or of your genitalia; those that do will be immediately disqualified.

Thank you for your interest!

Bridgette Winters

Erotic Entertainer, Webcam Performer and Dominatrix
East Valley, Phoenix, AZ

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