Legal Page

What is the Legal page?



The LEGAL page is chock full of Mumbo-Jumbo written in legalese (The OTHER English language) designed to protect myself (Bridgette), my staff, business interests and/or affiliates/partners from claims of harm and/or damage to visitors’ mental state (psyche) and/or emotional wellbeing and/or any other type of damage and/or harm as a direct result of viewing the contents of this website, (, and/or any of my other websites (,, and/or others under the GBGH umbrella), and/or the pages of any affiliated/linked websites.


All visitors of this website and/or affiliated/linked websites are own their own, meaning: Visitors are solely responsible/liable for themselves now and/or in the future, specifically including before, during and/or after they view this and/or affiliated/linked websites. By viewing/reading this and/or any and/or all other pages of this website, and/.or the pages of affiliated/linked websites visitors are effectively and permanently releasing the administrators, creators, owners and/or affiliates of this website, (, of any and/or all responsibility and/or liability.



What is the purpose of this website?,, and affiliated websites and links contain adult themes, language, and content, designed solely for the ENTERTAINMENT of an adult audience, of at least 21 years old.



Age Restriction:

To enter this website, and affiliated websites or links, and view the content contained therein, you must be a legal adult of at least 21 years old and you must not find content that is sexual in nature, including nude photography and/or video, offensive.

If you are younger than 21 years old and/or find sexual content, including nude photography and/or video offensive, PLEASE LEAVE THIS WEBSITE IMMEDIATELY!





Heretofore, “Get Bridgette” or simply “Bridgette” collectively refers to”, “”,

and all affiliated/linked websites, and to “Bridgette”, the Independent Adult Entertainment Provider.



Terms and Conditions

Those that choose to stay on this website and/or affiliated websites and/or links, are stating that they understand, accept and attest to and will abide by, the following “Terms and Conditions”:


1. Get Bridgette is for entertainment purposes only.

2. I am a legal adult, age 21 years or older and am visiting Get Bridgette of my own free will and I accept the outcome of my decision to visit

    Get Bridgette.

3. I can stop receiving and/or viewing the material contained within the pages of Get Bridgette at any time by logging off, exiting, going to a

    different website and/or shutting down the computer.

4. Once I leave Get Bridgette, I am under no obligation to return in the future.

5. I am viewing this website on a computer, in a location, where viewing adult content is NOT prohibited.

6. I desire to receive and view the material came contained within the pages of Get Bridgette.

7. I am solely and fully responsible for my actions and release/discharge Get Bridgette of any liability, which may arise.

8. I will enter Get Bridgette via the Home/Welcome page every time I visit and this will be the only way I enter this website.

9. I will not book mark any pages of Get Bridgette, except for the Welcome/Home page.

10. I will not assist others to bypass the Age Verification and Adult Content Warning section of this website, specifically I will not assist persons

     younger than 21 years old by providing links and /or bookmarks to the website other than those that take visitors directly to the

    Home/Welcome page.

11. Get Bridgette DOES NOT promote prostitution or the exchange of goods, services, favors and/or money for sexual acts.

12. Propositioning persons to engage in prostitution or the exchange of goods, services favors and/or money for sex and/or sexual acts is illegal,

      therefore, any attempts to do so, will NOT be tolerated. 

13. Attempts at propositioning persons affiliated with Get Bridgette to engage in prostitution will not be tolerated and are viewed as attempts to

      entrap for the purposes of legal prosecution and will result in a Lifetime Ban from Get Bridgette.

14. Get Bridgette contains NO offer of prostitution.

15. All monetary transactions resulting from a visit to Get Bridgette, are voluntary, consisting only of donations made by one’s own free will.

16. No donor receives sex or sexual acts in exchange for making a donation.

17. Donors may receive companionship.

18. Companionship includes the time of the companion ONLY!

19. I understand that the information found within Get Bridgette is subject to change at any time, without warning or explanation. 

20. No one is guaranteed a session with Bridgette.

21. Bridgette retains the right to refuse services to anyone at any time without explanation. 

22. I acknowledge that not all services are available to all persons at all times and the decision to provide certain services to individuals remains

      at the sole discretion of Bridgette.

23. I am NOT a law enforcement agent nor am I affiliated with any law enforcement agency in any capacity.

24. I have never been a law enforcement agent or an affiliate of a law enforcement agency at any time in the past.

25. I will not become a law enforcement agent or an affiliate of a law enforcement agency at any time in the future.

26. Should a law enforcement or governmental agent attempt to make contact based on any of the information contained within Get

      Bridgette it will be viewed as entrapment.

27. I may be required to provide sufficient proof that I am NOT a member of or affiliate of any law enforcement or a governmental agency.

28. I have not notified any individual agent or member of law enforcement or a governmental agency about this website or its contents

      nor have I agreed to assist an individual or agency in any such way.

29. I will NOT redistribute the contents of Get Bridgette in any way, via any medium, or in any form.

30. If I redistribute any contents of Get Bridgette I will be held liable for my actions and will be subjected to legal action for infringement 

      upon and breaking of copyright law.

31. If I choose not to respect and abide by copyright law, I will fully compensate Get Bridgette for attorney’s fees and any other fees, which

      may incur during this time.

32. Visitors of Get Bridgette must refrain from using vulgar, abusive and/or illicit language, including insults and/or derogatory statements, when in

      contact with Get Bridgette. This includes but is not limited to the following forms of contact: email inquiries, phone calls, text

      messages, instant   messages, video chats, webcam sessions, in person meetings, ‘Guest Comment’ submissions, ‘Ideas and

      Suggestions’ submissions, Contact Form’ submissions, etc.



In Summation:

The Bottom Line is if you did not read and/or do not agree with, understand, accept, and/or attest to the above “Terms and Conditions” and you choose to enter this website and/or affiliated/linked websites to view/read its pages/content, you are doing so at your own risk and under your own liability.


Entering this website effectively releases the sites owners and/or administrators of any legal, ethical and/or moral responsibility/liability and you are viewing this website’s pages/content and/or that of any affiliated/linked websites at your own risk.



Banned for Life

Persons that fail to comply with one or more of the above “Terms and Conditionsand/or those that exhibit any behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate or suspicious, in any way or form, at any time, will be permanently banned from contacting Bridgette, viewing her website, and being seen and will be placed on Bridgette’s (my)Banned for Life” list.

Once a person is on the “Banned for Life” list, they have no recourse, nor defense and shall not be removed under any circumstances.



 Keep in Mind:

This site does not represent an offer of prostitution (the exchange of goods, services or currency for sex or sex acts). Donations are requested for time/companionship ONLY! There is no promise implied or guarantee made regarding how that time is spent or how companionship is experienced nor does any obligation exist to provide any particular service.


I, Bridgette, reserve the right to refuse to spend time with anyone for any reason, at any time, without notice and I am under no obligation to explain my decision. All of the information on this website, (, and anywhere on the Internet or in print,  provided/created by me or someone else, with or without my consent, is subject to change at any time, without prior notice given nor explanation stated.


Under no circumstances will requests for actual, simulated or role play scenes that include rape, snuff, incest, bestiality, skat, roman showers, pedophilia, necrophilia or anything else, I deem to be disgusting and inherently wrong, be considered or entertained . . .so DON’T EVEN ASK!


Questions, comments or suggestions should be submitted by completing the Questions, Comments and Suggestions Form. To reach me please either complete the Contact Form or send an e-mail to: