Reference Requests:


Getting a reference for a new client from another escort is the best way that we as a community have to keep each other safe.

I am always happy to provide a reference and never have a problem with a client giving out my contact information for this purpose!

Escorts seeking a reference for a client that I have met with,

But who is new to them,

Should fill out the following Reference Request Form. 



I will respond to your request with answers to the following three questions:


1. Have I met with the Client? YES/NO

2. Would I meet with the Client Again? YES/NO

3. Is the client, in my opinion, safe for other

    Entertainer/Escorts to meet with? YES/NO

I do my best to respond to Reference Requests within 24 hours.


If you need the Reference in less than 24 hours, please send a text to 480.269.5344 stating how soon you need the reference by

and that you have completed the Online Reference Request Form. 



Luv, Bridgette