Who is a Newbie?

This post, “Newbies”, explains the methods I use to Screen or Verify the Legitimacy of Potential Clients who

  1. Have never met with an Adult Entertainer or Escort, anywhere, at any point, ever! A Newbie is totally “new” to the “hobby” (of seeing escorts).
  2. Does not have a membership with an Online Verification Service, such as              “Preferred 411”.

The Problem with Newbie Screening:

Screening a Newbie isn’t as simple as Screening a Potential Client who has met with an Adult Entertainer or Escort and can therefore provide Escort References. Because they lack Escort References, Newbies will be asked to provide Personal Information, which can be uncomfortable for some.

For those that find it uncomfortable to provide Personal Information let me assure you that as an Adult Entertainer/Escort with many years in the “Industry” (the “Adult Industry“), I am a Professional and as such I would never use any information provided to cause anyone harm nor would I ever provide that information to a 3rd party for any reason. Additionally, any information collected during the Screening Process is promptly deleted as soon as the Potential Client is Granted Approval for a Session with me. That being said, if someone is truly uncomfortable, I suggest seeing an Escort with Less Stringent Screening Procedures, if any. There are  plenty of Escorts to be found online, who don’t screen at all. If after meeting with someone else, the Potential Client still wants to see me they can provide the Escort they saw as a Reference.

Screening Services:

Another option for the Newbie who doesn’t want to provide Personal Information is to purchase a Membership with a Screening Service such as Preferred 411 or P-411 for short. P-411 is a Third Party Screening Service that screens not only Potential Clients for Escorts but also the Escorts themselves. Becoming a Member of P-411 requires the applicant to supply Employment Information, which is then verified by the P-411 Employees and to pay an annual membership fee of around 130 USD (visit P-411 for the most up to date Membership Fees). The male members of P-411 will also be given access to the P-411 Approved Escorts some of which cannot be found anywhere else.

The downside of applying for a P-411 membership is that there is a Waiting Period between applying and gaining Approval of approximately 4 Business Days. This means that those who are seeking a Same Day Appointment (an appointment that takes place on the same day that you contact me for the first time) and wish to use a P-411 Membership to gain Approval for a Session are not going to get what they want. 

For those that do not have 4 days to wait on an answer from P-411 due to a short window of opportunity, not normally present and want to see me rather than someone who doesn’t screen, will have to come to terms with providing some Personal Information. However, even those that are willing to provide Personal Information are NOT guaranteed a Same Day Appointment because I may not have time to Screen and see them Without Notice. Therefore, it is always best to plan ahead and handle Screening prior to the day you want to be seen, even if you do not currently know when that day will be.

Please Note:

I do my best to accommodate those with a Short Window of Opportunity whenever possible but I can make NO Promises or Guarantees.

Whenever possible it is best to contact me at least 24 hours in Advance of the time you wish to be seen (72 hours in Advance is optimal) so that I am afforded the time to gather your information, verify it, get ready for my session with you and still maintain whatever else I happen to have scheduled around that time.

Newbie Screening Methods and Procedures: 

For the Newbie with no time to spare, I must gather Personal Information. I don’t want or need a Complete Profile. I do my best to Not Be Overly Invasive, by gathering only the Bare Minimum needed to feel confident that you are who you say you are and that you are NOT a Member or Informant of any Law Enforcement Agency or Operation.

Newbie Verification Methods:

Below I list the various methods by which I can screen a Newbie client. I never use just one method; I always combine two or more methods so that I can be certain I am not making a mistake by meeting with this person who has never been seen by anyone in my industry (The adult Industry). There is a combination of several methods, which when employed can provide the escort with the assurance she needs. She may require that the newbie cooperate with one or all of the following screening methods.

1. Photo Verification:


Photo Verification is a 2-step process. First, the client will send the escort a copy of his State Issued Driver’s License or Identification Card. The client would be able to scratch out all identifying information except for the state insignia, his name and his photo.


The second step is to make sure that the photo on the DL/ID is that of the client. To do this the client will snap and submit a “selfie” (a photo one takes of one’s self often with the aid of a mirror) holding up a piece of paper with a written phrase as instructed or making a specific gesture.


If by comparison the escort is reasonably confident that the two photos are of the same person then the potential client has successfully passed Photo Verification.


2. Employment Verification:


Unfortunately, this is not as straight forward as it sounds. Because the client and escort have not met, she will need to be certain that the person she is verifying employment for is in fact the person trying to see her.


The client will have had to pass the Photo Verification test. Then he will need to submit documentation showing where employed and bearing the same name that is on his DL/ID. This can be a business card, a company issued ID card, a check stub, an envelope, or even a piece of letterhead.


Using the information she now has: His company name and the potential clients name, she can contact the employer and ask to speak with the potential client. Assuming the potential client is not at work (because he is trying to see her), she should get his voicemail message. She can then attempt to compare the voice heard on the voicemail message with the voice of the person who contacted her.


If she is reasonably satisfied with the results then the newbie will have passed Employment Verification.


3. Social Media Verification:


Another way that an escort can potentially screen a newbie client is by verifying his social media accounts. To do this the newbie may be asked to supply his Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and/or Twitter account information.


Located on the social media pages will be contact information, which she can use to send the client a special phrase or series of letters and/or numbers. Then she can send the client a private message via the social media site and require that the client respond with the special phrase she sent him. Assuming that the client responds accurately and quickly the escort will be able to accept that the pages legitimately belong to him and he will have passed the Social Media Verification.


To assure herself further that the pages are that of the potential client, she will most likely, use the photos gathered in the first method mentioned, “Photo Verification”, for comparison to the photos found on the social media pages.


The same methods employed to screen Newbies may also be utilized to screen potential clients who do not have memberships with any of the verification sites and whose escort references cannot be reached.


I only keep your personal information and documentation while I am screening you. Once you have been granted approval for a session with me I delete everything else you sent me. When I say I delete EVERYTHING, I mean: Every link (to your business website or social networking pages), every document (drivers license, business cards), and every photo (unless you specifically grant me permission to save a pic with your contact information), EVERYTHING!

I do need to keep some basic information just so that I will know who you are when you contact me. I keep your first name, phone number, e-mail address, Preferred 411 and/or Date-Check member ID #’s (if you have them), all stored in code, in my password protected and encrypted contact list. I will designate your contact listing with your screening status, abbreviated: Approved (APRVD), Refused (RFSD), Pending (PNDG) or Failed (FAIL).   

“How can an escort accommodate this type of potential client without violating her personal verification practices?”




Please note that any documentation gathered during the screening and verification process will only be used for that purpose, will never be passed onto a third party, and will be retained no longer than is absolutely necessary to grant approval to the client. Upon completion of the verification process, all documentation gathered is deleted and/or destroyed.




If you can suggest another way that you think is effective for screening clients, not listed above, please use the “Questions, Comments & Suggestions” form to submit your idea for Bridgette’s review.