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Thank you for visiting! Your interest is appreciated! I am Bridgette, Erotic Entertainer, Independent Webcam Performer and Purveyor of Worn Panties based in Phoenix, AZ with frequent appearances in Las Vegas, NV and availability anywhere I am requested within the United States. 

Stats and Stuff

Bridgette's Online Photo Album Link

I am tall/ thin, slender/sexy. I am 5’7 and 115 lbs. My measurements are 32-25-30. My breasts are enhanced to a perfect C cup, just the right size for my small frame. I have long blonde hair and blue/green eyes. I have a nice straight white smile, which I show often. You can view photos of me in my Photo Gallery and Online Photo Album

My personality is gregarious and bubbly; I like to have fun and have a positive outlook. I am intelligent and educated and can hold my own in any social situation. I am a true extrovert and enjoy the company of others immensely. I love meeting new people and take a genuine interest in getting to know them. I have been told that I am the complete package:

Looks, brains and personality!


It is my mission to consistently provide my clients with satisfying experiences, that are memorable and worth repeating and I strive to give everyone I see 100%. Sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of my clients. Clients are never rushed; I take the time necessary to ensure they are comfortable and relaxed.

It is my pleasure to satisfy desires, fulfill fantasies and make dreams come true. I want clients to enjoy their session so that they will come back and see me again. 


I am a professional and have no time for games, drama or little boys! I offer companionship to intelligent, successful gentlemen, age 35 or older. However, the man I choose to spend time with can be any age as long as he is mature, respectful and discreet.

Screening & Scheduling

Established Clients

Established clients may call or text to schedule their next session. If we have met before please do not email unless you have no other option.

If you must e-mail please use “Established Client” as the subject. Established clients are eligible for same day appointments, schedule permitting.

New/Potential Clients

Because my personal safety is my top priority, ALL NEW/POTENTIAL CLIENTS MUST BE SCREENED and are required to schedule in advance. Potential clients must complete the online “SCREENING FORM” before attempting to schedule a session. I prefer to only see persons that are established clients of other escorts and request two Escort References from all potential clients.


Escort References can be forgone when the Potential Client is a Member of one of my Accepted Sites. My Accepted Sites include the Client/Escort Verification/Screening Service Preferred 411 (P411) and the International Escort Review SiteThe Erotic Review (TER).

Not All Memberships are Equal!

For a P-411 Membership to serve as Verification that a Potential Client is Safe for me to meet with, he must have held the membership for a minimum of 6 months and/or have at least two Preferred 411 Escort/Client Verification website linkOkays” from the sites Escort Members

For a TER Membership to serve as Verification that a Potential Client is Safe for me too meet with, he must have the Membership for a minimum of 6 months, be an Established Review Writer with at least two Escort Reviews published on TER and be “White-listed” by at least two Escort Members of TER.

Members of P-411 and/or TER who wish to be screened by me should initiate contact via those sites’ private messaging systems.

For your convenience, you may use the logos (below) to access the sites and start the Screening Process by sending me a Private Message


Are You a Newbie? 

Newbies are Potential Clients that have never met with an Escort (myself included) and do not have a Membership with one of my Accepted Sites (see the panel to the right). I call them “Newbies” because they are “New” to Escorts in general and as a Hobby.

Because they lack the Escort References and Memberships I must collect some Personal, albeit basic, Information in order to Screen them for a Session. Everything I ask for is generally available for public consumption anyway but despite this some find my requests invasive and have concerns about giving their Personal Information to a stranger (me!).

I am a Professional Entertainer, with excellent Client Written Reviews and Good Standing among my Escorting Peers, which means that I have a Reputation, a Good Reputation, that I want to maintain. and have a good reputation in the Escort Community and a a  to maintain. Therefore, any Personal Information I collect is deleted promptly following the conclusion of the Screening Process (i.e., either an “Approval” or “Denial” given for Services/Sessions with me).

Please visit my Newbies Post to read about my Personal Information Use and Privacy Policy

Examples of what Newbies may be asked to provide for Screening: 

  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, Linked In)
  • Business/Company Website
  • Photo ID (showing only issuing state’s information, their name and photo; everything else can be crossed out.)

More on the topic of Newbies and Screening is available on my post, “Newbies“. 


I am based in Phoenix, Arizona with frequent trips to Las Vegas, Nevada. I enjoy travel and will gladly go wherever I am requested in the United States. When travel is not an option, I am available for Cam2Cam Sessions Online via Webcam using Skype. To schedule a webcam session please visit the “WEBCAM” page.  



Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, I can come to clients’ NICE hotel/resort rooms or private residences, located in safe neighborhoods, anywhere in the Valley.

I will not be able to see clients at motels, weekly apartment complexes, mobile home/RV parks, in private vehicles (car dates), public places or in any high crime area. More information about sessions in Phoenix, AZ is available on the “LOCATIONS” page.

Las Vegas, Nevada

My Las Vegas In-Call is typically a Nice Casino Hotel located on The Strip. Out-Calls are only available to hotels and casinos located on or near The Strip or on Fremont Street.

With Screening and advance scheduling I will gladly see clients at their Private Residences in Las Vegas, as long as they are located in nice, safe areas. For example I will come to Summerlin but not North Las Vegas. 

I am available to meet in Las Vegas any time, with very little notice, for sessions lasting at least one night (or a minimum of 8 hours). If interested in having me join you on your next trip to Las Vegas please review the information found on the ”LOCATIONS” page and contact me via e-mail.


I offer a wide array of services. My extensive menu includes something for just about everybody. Client favorites include: Full Body Sensual Massage, Fantasy/Fetish Indulgence, Role-Play, Webcam Sessions, Domination and Companionship. For a more complete list, visit the “Offering” page.

Additionally, I make an excellent companion for events, for an evening out and for travel. With me by your side, your next required business trip can turn from dreadful to delightful! To learn more about my Travel Companionship Service, please see the “Locations” page.


There is no charge for Adult Entertainment and Companionship. However, a Donation is requested and expected, to cover my time. Donations offset costs that otherwise could only be covered by a full time job. Donations allow me to make myself available to spend time with interested persons; time I would not have if I were employed by someone else.

The donation is collected at the beginning of the session before anything else occurs. The donation should be inside of a plain white envelope placed in a visible location. If I come to you, I would prefer that you place the envelope on the bathroom counter. If you come to me you may place the envelope on my dresser or desk.

Whenever possible, donations should be in the form of cash. I will occasionally accept trades for gift cards or valuable items. I do not trade for services or anything illegal, including substances. I also accept Bitcoins.

There will be no discussion of donation amounts while we are together. I find that such conversations take away from the overall experience, decreasing client enjoyment, and making the experience seem tacky and tawdry.

I never “up-sell” or require tipping. However, a well-deserved tip, if offered, is graciously accepted. The donation amount agreed to in advance will not be altered, unless the 

previously agreed to terms or session length change,then the donation is subject to an increase. Refunds are not available under any circumstances, including when a session ends early.

Detailed donation amounts are available for review, on the “DONATIONS” page.

My Requested Donation Amounts are Non-Negotiable. Please do not attempt to “talk me down” or “low ball” the donation. To do so is embarrassing for us both, as I will feel devalued and you will appear dreadfully cheap. If I wish to extend you a discount I will offer; there is no need for you to ask. Also, please note that I do NOT extend a “Regulars” discount to New Clients so please refrain from letting me know that you have a regular girl who charges less because I could care less. 

Don’t ask me to lower my donations and I won’t ask you to lower your standards”


Gifts, like tips are never expected but when offered, are graciously accepted. Should you wish to buy a gift you may select something from my Amazon Wishlist (simply click on the image to the right). I am also very happy to receive Gift Cards from Amazon or one of my favorites shops (listed to the right) or cash.

My Favorite Shops: 

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Guess
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom

Etiquette and Guidelines

I will treat you with respect and expect to be treated respectfully.  Treating me respectfully means: 

  • Do NOT contact me if you are not serious about seeing me. Like most people, I am very busy and do not have time to be wasted by people who just want to chat. If you just want to chat I offer phone services via Night Flirt. 
  • Do NOT use foul or vulgar language or discuss illicit things. Do not ask me point blank if I will do this or that. You are welcome to read my reviews and find out what others have about me, though I warn you that they should be read with a grain of salt, as I do not necessarily engage in every activity stated.
  • Do NOT send me pictures of your man hood or ask me I can handle whatever size you happen to be. If you ignore this and send “cock shots” or talk about your endowment I will not only find you simple and boring I won’t see you.   
  • Do NOT call me from blocked, private or restricted phone numbers or short (less than the standard 7 digits + 3 digit area code) numbers because I will not answer you. Along those lines do not send me messages asking me to join some app so you can talk to me or text with me. Just use your real number to contact me or we won’t be speaking. 

For more Guidelines regarding how to behave when contacting me by phone, text or e-mail and what to do when we are together please visit my Guidelines page, my FAQ page and read my new “What Not to Do” post.

Banned for Life

Please be aware that bad behavior can land you on my Banned for Life list. Persons on my Banned for Life list are banned from contacting me and seeing me FOR EVER. Should you find yourself on the Banned for Life list please know that this is an irreversible action and I will NOT give you a chance to redeem yourself, so don’t even ask! If you have behaved in a manner that was offensive and inappropriate and I have stopped responding to you following such behavior, you may have been Banned for Life. You may find out if you have been Banned for Life by calling (not texting). Those who are Banned for Life will hear a voicemail message stating their status and instructing them to cease and desist contacting me because all of their efforts will go unnoticed; All their calls and texts are automatically routed into a “Spam” folder that I never check. 

I do not want to put anyone on this list and ask that you please avoid saying or doing anything that will leave me no choice but to ban you.  

More. . .

For More details on a variety of topics related to my Erotic Entertainment Service:

I have compiled the most commonly asked client questions into a FAQ page. Please check the FAQ page for answers before contacting me. If the site and FAQ page fail to answer your questions then please do not hesitate to contact me via my Questions, Comments and Suggestions form! I will reply to all inquiries requiring a response within 72 hours!

Thank you again for your interest and for visiting! I will look forward to making your fantasies come true in the very near future!




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