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A Bait & Switch Story

Please consider the following scenario:

After several hours of perusing the Internet for available Escorts and Entertainers in your area, you finally settle on one and give her a call.    

Since she sounds great on the phone and the photos in her ad were nothing less than HOT you schedule a time for her to come over. You are excited and can’t wait to meet her. After what seems like forever she arrives at your door. 

“Ding Dong!” chimes your door bell.

As you approach to let her in, you feel a little nervous, which makes your heart pound and your hands a tad sweaty. You grab the door knob, turn and pull and there before you is. . .

Wait! Hold up! Put on the Brakes!

‘Who the hell is this?’ you think, as your eyes settle upon the person before you. This is NOT what you had in mind and is certainly NOT who you saw in the advertisement! The woman in the ad was beautiful and had a great body. The person who arrived at your door is dumpy and ill kept!

Now you have a situation to deal with and have to figure out how to get this person off your porch with the least amount of trouble possible. Ugh!

Has something similar ever happened to you? Have you ever ordered one thing only to receive something completely different? If so, then you have unfortunately experienced a fairly common advertising scam, known as “Bait and Switch“. According to the freedictionary.com, Bait and Switch is defined as “a deception based on a false claim or enticement that proves to be disappointing”.

Bait and Switch is a sad fact of life. Politicians, Retailers and yes, even Escorts and Entertainers, employ this deceptive and dishonest tactic to reel in voters, customers and clients, who are ultimately disappointed and forever after suspicious of all claims made by anyone.   

Should you choose to spend time with me, you will NOT be a Bait and Switch victim! The photos that follow (unless otherwise labeled) are Real and Recent:

  • The photos are of me. 
  • Most of the photos were taken by me (Selfies). 
  • The photos are current.  
  • The photos accurately depict what I look like TODAY* 
  • I am often told that I look much better in person and that the photos don’t do me justice. (I don’t know if this is true or if people are just being nice but I felt it was worth mentioning!)

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2015 Collage

2014 Collage