About Screening

Who Do I Screen? 

I must Screen ALL New Clients, who want to have a Live, In-Person, Face-to-Face Entertainment Session, whom I have not yet had a session and have never met, including:

  • Anyone who wants to see me at my place for an In-Call.
  • Anyone who requests that I meet with them at their rented hotel or resort room. 
  • Anyone who requests that I travel outside of my home area, which is Phoenix, to meet with them at a location requiring an hour or more of one way travel. 

I accept and Prefer Members of Preferred 411!


I do not have to Screen

  • New Clients that request a home visit or Out-Call to a Private Residence. 
  • Established Clients that I have previously met with. 

Additionally, you should not complete the Screening Form if: 

  • You do not wish to be Screened.
  • You are under the age of 21.
  • You cannot make the requested Donation (please see the Donation page for amounts).
  • You are unwilling to provide the documentation/information requested during the Screening Process.

If you DO NOT want to complete the Screening Form, but still want to meet with me for a Session, you MUST be able to Host at your Private Residence (our meeting takes place in your home). If you can host at your Private Residence you may skip the Screening Form and complete the Scheduling Form, instead. 

Anyone requesting an In-Call (meeting at my place) or an Out-Call to a rented hotel/resort room must be Screened before they are seen! Only persons who successfully pass the screening will be approved for a session! 

If you DO NOT wish to proceed with the Screening Form and CANNOT Host a Session at your Private Residence you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for an In-Person, Face-to-Face, Live Entertainment Session but can opt for a WebCam/Cam-2-Cam Session. If you wish to have your session via Webcam please visit the Webcam Page for Details and to Schedule your Webcam Session

Those that DO NOT want to complete the Screening Form and CANNOT or WILL NOT Host a Session at their Private Residence and ARE NOT interested in a Webcam Session may either return to the Main Website or Exit Here.

Why Do I Screen? 

I screen New Potential Clients to ensure that my personal Safety is maintained and to make sure I stay on the right side of the law. 

My Personal Safety is my Number 1 Priority! 

New Client Groups

New Clients that must be Screened will fall into one of  two groups:

  1. New Clients who are experienced. 
  2. New Clients who have no experience, known as Newbies. 

Experienced New Clients are those that have met with an Erotic Entertainer/Dominatrix or two in the past and/or those that have established memberships with either The Erotic Review and/or Preferred 411.

Newbies are New Clients that have never met with a Erotic Entertainer/Dominatrix and do not have memberships with The Erotic Review or Preferred 411

Screening Forms

Both Experienced New Clients and Newbies will need to complete a Screening Form. There are two versions of the Screening Form: One for Experienced New Clients and one for Newbies. If you are not sure which New Client Group you are in or which Screening Form to complete you can use the following questions to help you decide: 

Which Form Should I Complete?

If you answer Yes to ANY of the following Questions you are an Experienced Client and will complete Screening Form 1.

If you answer NO to ALL of the following Questions then you will complete the Newbie Version or Screening Form 2


  1. Have you ever had a Session with any Adult Entertainer (Not just me, anyone)? 
  2. Are you an Established & Active Review Writing Member of The Erotic Review
  3. Are you an Established & Active Member of Preferred 411 who has been white-listed by at least two of the sites Escort Members? 

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions please click the button below to complete Form 1 for Experienced New Clients.

If you answered NO to ALL of the above questions please click the button below to complete Form 2, the Newbie version of the Screening Form.