Clients. . .

I offer a Unique Companionship Experience, to affluent, intelligent, successful and discerning gentlemen, who have the means to make a donation to cover my time.

I am a professional and take all of my work very seriously and have no time for games, drama or little boys! I prefer to spend my time with mature gentlemen who are at least 35 years old. However, the man I choose to spend my time with can be any age as long as he is respectful and discreet during all our interactions. 

Clients differ in their tastes and desires and thus sessions are tailored to each one individually. I take great pleasure in fulfilling fantasies and making dreams come true and strive to provide everyone I see with the best possible experience. Clients are never rushed and the clock is not watched. Sessions are best when everyone is comfortable and relaxed; I am happy to take the time to achieve that. 

It is my mission to consistently provide my clients with memorable experiences that are satisfying and worth repeating. I want clients to enjoy their session so that they will come back and see me again! 

Bridgette’s Mission:

To consistently provide clients with satisfying experiences, that are memorable and worth repeating.

Groups, Parties and Couples

I am not available to groups or parties though I have occasionally made myself available to couples with the condition that the female half of the couple be the one who initiates contact. I will not schedule or even discuss a couple’s session with a male.

Right to Refuse

I reserve the right to refuse to participate in any activities with anyone, for any reason at any time. Furthermore, I am under no obligation to provide all or any activities to anyone. Should you be denied a session with me, I will not provide an explanation or give a reason for my decision. Persons who are refused service should just accept it as a fact and move on.

I reserve the Right to Refuse to spend time with:

  • Persons who conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner, verbally or otherwise.
  • Individuals whose interests differ radically from my own.
  • Those who do not have my best interests in mind.
  • Persons who are insincere and do not value my time.
  • Persons who wish to engage in unsafe acts that could potentially cause physical or emotional harm.

I am under no obligation to disclose my reasons for refusing to meet a particular person and can choose to terminate contact with anyone at any time without explanation.

Client Eligibility Requirements:

Not everyone can become my client.

  1. You must be at least 21 years old and willing and able to prove it, if asked, by supplying your valid state issued drivers licence and/or ID card.
  2. You must be able to host at your Private Residence or Hotel;/Resort Room or be willing to come to my East Valley In-Call Location. I am not willing to meet in vehicles; please don’t ask!)
  3. You must have the full donation amount, in cash, ready at the start of your session or prepay with bitcoin.
  4. You must allow a minimum of two hours for me to prepare for our session, excluding any travel time.
  5. You must refrain from asking vulgar or illicit questions and must be respectful and discreet at all times.
  6. You must be able to provide proof that you are safe for me to meet with by cooperating with my Screening Procedures, should you be asked to do so.

If you can comply with the above statements then you will have no problems scheduling time with me, which you can do by sending an Introduction Email to 

Introduction Emails:

Introduction Emails should include the following:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your Age.
  3. The Website where you found me.
  4. The Type of Session you are interested in (Body Rub, Companionship, Fetish, BDSM).
  5. When you want to meet (Day/Time).
  6. Where you want me meet (my place for an In-Call or at yours for an Out-Call; if yours is it a Private Residence or a Hotel/Resort Room).
  7. Additional Details, if any, such as, Toys/Equipment you want me to have on hand and/or any Outfit Requests, in regards to what I wear while we are together.


If you have any questions regarding the information presented on this page or about anything else you may either complete the Questions, Comments and Suggestions form or email me.

Thank you!