Newbies is the term I use for any Potential Client who does not have a membership with Preferred 411 or The Erotic Review , who has either never had a session with an Escort/Entertainer or who has had a session with an Escort/Entertainer but she is ineligible to provide a reference for him or cannot be reached. 

A Newbie is a potential client that has never met with me OR with any escort anywhere ever;

A “Newbie” is “New” to the hobby of escorting.

Because they lack both Memberships and Escort References, Newbies must provide personal information to be screened, which may seem a bit invasive. To avoid providing personal information I suggest becoming a member of Preferred 411

The more information a Newbie provides the higher the chances that they will be able to schedule a session. To be considered for a Session, ALL Newbies MUST cooperate with at least ONE of the Newbie Screening Options (detailed below), in its entirety.

Please note that your privacy matters! Your Personal Information is only kept for as long as it takes to complete the Screening Process. During the Screening Process your Personal Information will be encrypted and protected by a 61 key password, which guarantees it will not be seen by anyone other than myself. After you are Approved (or Denied, if that be the case) everything you submitted for the Screening Process will be destroyed. I will never keep your information nor will I share or sell your information to a third party. 


Newbie Screening Methods

To successfully complete the Screening Process ALL Newbies must submit three pieces of information and/or documentation. Two of the three are non-negotiable and one is the Newbies choice from three options.


1. Proof of Identity: 

ALL Newbies must submit a photo of their State Issued Drivers License/Identification Card OR PassportYou are always welcome to provide more than the bare minimum by submitting BOTH a State Issued Drivers License/Identification Card AND a Passport. You may also OPTIONALLY submit your Military ID and/or University/College ID Card but these would be in addition to your State Issued Drivers License/Identification Card and/or Passport not as a substitution for.

If you are uncomfortable with this requirement you may redact, black out or cross off your Address and any Identifying Numbers or Codes that are unique and assigned only to you (For Example: your Drivers License Number or Military ID Number may be crossed off). I will need to see your NameDate of BirthAddress and Photo along with the issuing bodies Insignia/Logo.

2. Selfie:

Selfie is a photo that you take of yourself,  usually with the aid of a mirror. Your Selfie will depict you holding up The Selfie Document which you will create yourself.

To make your own Selfie Document: On a 8.5 by 11 inch (letter size) piece of white or other light colored paper write the words “I am NOT a Cop” along with your Name and Today’s Date. You must use a black or other dark color pen or marker. 

IMPORTANTYour face must be visible in your Selfie! (I need to be able to compare your Selfie to the photo found on your identification). 

Newbies Choice

For the third part of Newbie Screening you may choose the method that you are most comfortable with from the following three choices. Remember: You may always complete/submit more than the bare minimum and therefore have the option to complete/submit two of the following or all three!


The more information you provide, the more likely you are to be approved for a session!

  1. Social Media Verification: Involves the submission of a Facebook Page Link and/or Linked In Page Link. Your Account should  be Established and Active, feature a Profile Photo and clearly state your profession.  For an account to be considered “Established” it needs to be at least 6 months to one year old (since the date you opened the account). An account is deemed “Active” based on a combination of factors, such as posting frequency, number of friends or connections and the number of recommendations or likes received.  I determine if is an account is “Active” by visiting the link you submit.
  2. Employment Verification: For Employment Verification you will need to select and submit at least one item from the following three options. You may submit more than one of the items or all three.  

a. Option #1: A Photo of your Company Issued Employee Badge . Your Employee Badge should provide the following information:

  • The Name of the Company you work for or if Self-Employed, the name of your Company.
  • Your Legal Name.
  • Your Title/Position.
  • Your Photo. 

b. Option #2: A Photo of your Business Card. Your Business Card should provide the following information:

  • The Name of the Company you work for or if Self-Employed, the name of your Company.
  • The Company Web Address/URL.
  • Your Legal Name.
  • Your Title/Position.
  • Your Business Phone Number.
  • Your Business E-Mail.

If the Contact Information found on the card, differs from what was used, when you initially contacted me, you will need to contact me from a method shown on your card immediately following the submission of this form. To clarify: If you initially sent me a text from your burner phone you will now need to send me a text from the number shown on your business card or if you cannot text from your work phone, then call.  

c. Option #3: The link to a page on your Company’s Business website that provides your Contact Information. For example, a Company Directory page or the page for your Department.  Ideally, your photo will be shown along with your other pertinent information, however, this is not a requirement.

The Contact Information shown on the website needs to match the method you initially contacted me from. This means that the phone number used to call or text me or the e-mail address a message was sent from, needs to be the same as the Contact Information shown on your Company Website. If you initially contacted me using a method not shown on your company website you will need to contact me again, following the submission of this form, by calling from the number listed on the company website or by sending an e-mail from the address listed on the company website.

3. Verification via Advance Scheduling and Prepayment: Schedule a session of 2 hours or more at least one week (7 days) in advance of the desired start day/time and secure it with a 100 Deposit, which will be applied towards your Donation.  The deposit can be made with Bitcoins, through the Square C$sh App or with Circle Pay.

General Instructions & Information:

Please answer all the questions completely. Failure to do so will only prolong your wait time and result in a request for additional information.

After your forms’ submission, your responses will be Reviewed and Verified. This is never an instantaneous process and can take up to 72 hours to complete.

Newbies and Same Day Appointments

Newbies seeking Same-Day Appointments should not look to Preferred 411 as an instantaneous solution. Preferred 411 can take up to 4 business days to verify your information and fully approve your membership. If you have a short window of opportunity and cannot wait, the only other way to avoid providing personal information is to have me come to you at your private residence. 

Those seeking a Same-Day Session (a session that takes place on the same day as you submitted the Screening and Scheduling Form), should complete the form and then send a text to 480-269-5344 to let me know that they have completed the form and are interested in seeing me today. There is no guarantee that your request will be accommodated.

Be Prepared Before You Start!

Start off Prepared by having on hand any information you will need to complete the form. To assist you in preparing I have compiled a list (below) of what you will need to complete the form.

Having everything ready will help ensure that you are able to fill out the form quickly, easily and completely!

Screening Status 

You will receive your SCREENING STATUS via text or email, after I review and verify the information submitted:

  • APPROVED: You are eligible to schedule a session with me.
  • IN PROGRESS: This status is always accompanied by a request for additional information or clarification on information previously provided.
  • DENIED: You are not eligible for a session with me. This is a permanent decision and is irreversible. If your status is ‘DENIED’, I suggest accepting it as a fact and moving on.


If you receive notice that you are approved you may either complete the Scheduling Form or contact me to schedule your session.


Should you have any questions regarding the completion of the form or need assistance to complete it, please contact me at or submit your question using the Questions, Comments and Suggestions Form

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest and for your cooperation with my Screening Process! I will do my best to get you approved within 48-72 hours after I receive your completed form.